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Bus & Subway android oyun indir


Endless runner with multiplayer mode!
August 9, 2018
4.4 And Up
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Bus & Subway android oyun indir

Bus & Subway combines endless runner and multiplayer modes. You run switching between Bus roads and Subway tracks laid through highways, train tracks, Egyptian dunes and many other fun realms.

Be the best runner
Swipe up to jump, swipe down to slide, swipe left and right to move sideways, double tap to use the hoverboard. Avoid obstacles and stay ahead of officer Maddox, to make the longest run you can. Don’t let him catch you.

Dash forward, run fast and use all kinds of boosts and power ups, such as sneakers to jump high, hoverboards to glide and surf, hoverboards protect you from crashing, tap the hoverbike button at any time to use the hoverbike.

This running game is really fun, and it can be the best travel companion during your travel, on a plane or a train, or if you are riding in a car or waiting in a line, whereever and whenever you wisj to have a great time killer buddy at your fingertips, just try playing the game and you won’t have the time to get bored.

Bus & Subway is very fun, mega crazy and becomes a super-fast running game, the longer you don’t crash. The game lets you share your score and achievements of Facebook. So, run fast, run long, and score as high as you can, compete with your friends and others and beat their high score, become the best endless runner!

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Don’t miss out on the bonus road round, where if you manage to achieve the treasure chest on top of the pyramid, you will receive a random reward.

Among running games there are few that support online miltiplayer mode, Bus & Subway has this feature. Endless runner genre is as endless as its name, yet when there is a way to compete with other players online in an endless running game such as Bus & Subway, the gaming experience grows to a totally new fun level.

Complete daily missions and collect as many coins, as you can, also collect other collectibles and prizes to get your daily rewards and don’t forget to use power ups, such as hoverboards, sneakers, energy drinks, hydration backpack, lucky hat and many more great items. Unlock new characters, and see how far you can run! Jump on trampolines and fly with balloons which will take you from one world to another. Start now, run and surf your boards. Join with your Facebook, compete with your friends and try to score to top rank in Country TOP, friend’s TOP and Multiplayer TOP.

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