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Dream Subway Restaurant Tycoon apk indir


Can you manage and build your dream restaurant empire & become a dining legend?
Broken Titans
December 13, 2022
4.4 And Up
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Dream Subway Restaurant Tycoon apk indir

Some best features of this amazing Dream City Subway Restaurant Manager Game:

Build your Dream City Subway Restaurant empire:
Join the adventure of running a restaurant from the scratch and make it empire.

Design your restaurant:
Upgrade your Dream City Subway restaurant according to your wish by hiring different types of employees, foods, customer tables and many others.

Serve your Customers:
Serve different types of food to your vip and regular customer according to their worth.

Earn more money in this Dream City Subway restaurant games:
By serving food to your customer you will earn money from which you can upgrade your business and be your own boss.

Hire More Employees:
You can also hire waiters, receptionists and chefs. They will help to earn more money for you from customers after providing exceptional services.

Different types of food:
From the beginning you will just have just a burger and pizza and after this you can upgrade different types of food items to earn more.

In Dream City Subway Restaurant Manager, you can build and extend your restaurants, serve your customers, earn money, unlock new restaurants and new food, hire waiters and build a restaurant empire and contest with other restaurant owners in your town!

Your task is very simple in this idle restaurant tycoon offline. You have to run fast to take customer’s orders, manage the kitchen, stack burgers and pizzas and run around the tables of customers to serve their orders as fast as you can and become a dining legend. Earn more money and upgrade your Dream City Subway restaurant by hiring new waiters, more places for customers, collect the money and build a great restaurant empire.

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Idle Dream City Subway restaurant manager game is an exciting restaurant game that includes strategy, fun, and challenges to manage a Dream City Subway restaurant. Become a business tycoon by creating new ideas of management and learn how to manage a Dream City Subway restaurant.

Dream City Subway Restaurant Manager Game is one of the most unique idle restaurant manager games that will help to improve your management skills. You will manage a large number of waiters and customers, and will build your dreamy city restaurant empire. Start to build your own curated city restaurant and hotel today and become a master of business tycoon. Keep your customers satisfied and earn a lot of money so you can upgrade your city restaurants and waiters all around the world and become the top dining legend. Dream City Subway Restaurant Manager Game is a fascinating game, use the best strategy and your management skills to achieve the best result, more cash and be your own boss to contest with other restaurants owner around the world.


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