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Kiddy Run 3D: Subway Mad Dash android

It's time to escape from your school teacher by run & surf through the subway
4/5 Oylar: 1,367
GameNexa Studios PVT LTD
April 6, 2021
4.4 And Up
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Kiddy Run 3D: Subway Mad Dash android

Welcome to S.u.b.w.a.y R.u.n.n.e.r Escape from School 3D race, the ultimate Jungle escape & kiddy runner race experience where you all just need escape from school and to run away on subways from the school teacher. The faster you run and avoid obstacles, the more points you will get in this offline S.u.b.w.a.y R.u.n.n.e.r game. The primary focus in this new kiddy surf game is to escape from the school teacher and run on S.u.b.w.a.y R.u.n.n.e.r, you have to surf trains, jump obstacles and traps in front of you during endless runner. Once you will play this subway runner game you will definitely find it one of the best subway track runner games among all others available on the play store.

Subway Kiddy Runner 3d race is an intense, action-packed cool and offline running game that offers a fun race on small train tracks in the form of Blocky 3D race experience. As more you will play enjoy subway ride you will collect more coins animating on the subway kiddy track for free. Later on you can use coins collected from the train track to upgrade your character or purchase single-use items. S.u.b.w.a.y R.u.n.n.e.r 3D race offers you to run endless through the temples, trains, buses and crazy obstacles for free. Just like subway dash runner you would have to run from school in this offline kiddy escape game.

Every time you will play this escape runner 3D race game the level will be different and challenging, that means you have to re-adjust your strategies to escape from school and run through subway trains and obstacles. You have to choose best highway track and surfing in order to win. You need to pay attention while playing this temple surf offline game because every level of endless runner is extremely dangerous, challenging and without the right amount of attention you might hit your kiddy to obstacle or train and fail to complete the surf run challenge. That’s what makes S.u.b.w.a.y R.u.n.n.e.r very fun race, addicting and exciting at the same time. 3D subway track with cool trains and crazy obstacle and passing through the temple looks amazing and attractive and will urge you to play this kiddy race: escape from school game again and again.

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In S.u.b.w.a.y R.u.n.n.e.r- Escape From School 3D race you can find multiple blocky style themes like city to escape through, beach to surf, construction to run through, forest to escape and rail rush to enjoy fun race and subway ride for free. Here you can find Exciting themes to make you addicted of this surf run: escape from school. And also you will Find Out and claim your daily rewards, unlock them, use them to upgrade your power ups.

In S.u.b.w.a.y R.u.n.n.e.r you can surf 3D race and find gift boxes grab as much as gift boxes in every run you play. Check out your gift boxes in the vault menu and unlock them for exciting power ups and coins. Don’t forget to collect gift boxes may you miss the jackpot of coins, so what are you waiting for, come on start Playing S.u.b.w.a.y R.u.n.n.e.r for free. Escape from school and run as much as you can and beat the high scores on board, and place your mark in Leaderboard as subway run winner – the great runner hall of fame.

As you play this kiddy escape game you can acquire coins and purchase various upgrades or collectibles. These include the pogo stick, cycle, magnet, shield and so on. In regards to power-ups, you will have the glider, invisible suit, magnet as well as med-kits and many others. With Kiddy Run 3D Race you always get the subway race 3D experience which you always want. It’s a fun game with subway train surf, highway surf and much more.

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Subway Kiddy Runner – Escape From School 3D Race Features:

– 5 different themes to escape through
– Lots of upgrades and collectibles
– 15 amazing 3D characters to choose
– Randomly generated surf levels

Just Download this S.u.b.w.a.y R.u.n.n.e.r – Escape From School 3D Race and enjoy endless running and surfing though the train tracks offline for free. Best of luck Runners.!


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