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Savannah Browser android oyun indir


A fast web browser with an iOS theme similar to iPhone's style
4/5 Oylar: 8,742
April 30, 2023
4.4 And Up
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Savannah Browser android oyun indir

SAVANNAH Browser is a fast web browser with a beautiful and elegant user interface inspired by Safari* theme. It is lightweight and extremely easy to use.

This free app is designed to be a minimal browser taking up only 4MB, saving you space on your phone. It is one of the lightest and best web browsers on the app store and free to download. Extremely fast browsing speed that utilize your network bandwidth to the max. Load heavy websites or slow websites without problem.

Surf the internet with your favorite features including:
– Bookmarks that help save favorite websites.
– Secure web browser; incognito mode allows you to hide your tracks and browse the web privately.
– Search the web with your automatic search engine suggestions displaying in the web address.
– Browse multiple websites at once with tabbed browsing.
– Read emails and download attachments fast.
– Quickly load your favorite social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.
– View movies from and other video streaming sites all in full screen mode.

SAVANNAH Browser is a fully featured browser supporting all the latest web technologies including HTML 5 and Javascript. It is a safe and secure browser that supports all security features such as HTTPS.

Replace your stock web browser with one of our new web browsers for Android. Try SAVANNAH Browser, the latest internet app for a better web browsing experience. This web browser app is a perfect match with all iOS style launchers. This should be your next big internet upgrade to your mobile phone.

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SAVANNAH Browser is available globally and supports multiple languages including French, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and more. Explore the web with the lightweight browser that maximizes the speed of your 3G, 4G or WiFi network.

*Disclaimer – SAVANNAH Browser is an independent app for Android and is in no way endorsed, sponsored, or affiliated with Apple Inc. Safari and iOS product names are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.


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