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Subway Connect: Map Design PARA HİLELİ


Build a city metro, earn money, manage & upgrade transport network! Enjoy idle!
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December 9, 2022
4.4 And Up
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Subway Connect: Map Design PARA HİLELİ

Collect cash, upgrade and connect stations between, and develop your metro. As new stations open, earn more money and upgrade your subway! Decide how to use your cash flow.

In Subway Connect: Map Design, you will face the role of a public communications architect, build a new station, and pave the way across the city! Develop infrastructure and earn more money. Become the rich transport tycoon! Play the game and create your idle corp to change the city!

Create your own transport system! Build new stations, lay paths between them, and open new branches. Make it so that anyone can get to the point he needs! Build a branching transport system suitable for the largest metropolis. It is in your hands to become a wise architect and fulfill the dream of millions – to make a comfortable metro!

Use bonuses to earn more money! Speed ​​up your subway so that trains make more trips. Raise the fare to get more from each trip. Increase the capacity of trains to carry more passengers. Pump up passive income to receive money even when you are busy with important things. Come up with the perfect strategy to earn more money and satisfy all passengers! Build your own metro corp to create the best transport system in the world.

Spend money to develop urban infrastructure. The more you invest, the more you get. Imagine that you manage a real city, build stations, and lay lines to help a lot of people. A real simulation experience!

APK indir  Subway Train Sim - City Metro PARA HİLELİ

Build your idle corporation and become a successful tycoon. Play the game as you wish – upgrade the branches of the transport network, build new stations, and much more. Your idle corp must grow!

Game Features

* Build a subway worthy of a big city
* Collect money and spend them on development your metro
* Customize and manage a huge transport system
* Upgrade your trains, speed up the subway and increase capacity to create the best metro in the world
* Complete various levels and face challenges
* Manage the economy, upgrade trains and come up with the best strategy
* Create your own giant corporation
* Relax and enjoy the idle gameplay!

Subway Connect: Map Design is the perfect game for boys and girls who want to feel like managing a large metropolitan transportation network. Make your city unique and convenient. What are you waiting for? Download and become a tycoon!


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