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Subway Train Simulator PARA HİLELİ


Operate metro train like a PRO
Red Teddy Games
February 26, 2023
4.4 And Up
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Subway Train Simulator PARA HİLELİ

* NO subscription and NO annoying nag screens

Try yourself as a driver of a realistic subway train in 3D!

Operate trains, transport passengers to the station they need, improve your skills as underground train driver and conductor.

Switch cameras from the driver’s cab to camera inside the subway car to check on passengers. Turn lights ON and OFF. Manage train doors to let passengers board your train. We are planning to add the sound of a train horn, as well as add more interactable things inside the cockpit itself so that you can click on them.

We use realistic physics in our game – the train is faster on straight sections and on descents, and slows down on turns and on ascents. Trains can be improved by upgrading their physical parameters. So, for example, you can
increase the maximum speed of the locomotive so that it goes even faster.

Earn money on the transportation of passengers and use it to unlock new trains and new underground routes, as well as improve your existing trains.

At the moment, only the New York subway is implemented in the game, but in the near future we plan to add Europe, Russia and Japan. Please tell us what country you’d like to try first!

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