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Surf Athlete: Surf Training android oyun indir


Boost Your Surfing with Training Programs Designed for Surfers.
Surf Strength Coach
March 23, 2023
4.4 And Up
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Surf Athlete: Surf Training android oyun indir

#1 Surf Fitness app lets you work out anytime, anywhere, with the best personal Surf Fitness Coach – minimal equipment required, or no gym at all.

Whatever your fitness level, achieve your goals quickly and build healthy habits with surf-fitness workouts that focus on form, technique, and efficient training. Improving mobility, paddling endurance, recovery after long surf sessions, gaining muscle or improving your general fitness has never been so simple.


• You are a surfer, so you are an athlete. Work on your fitness and improve your surfing. Get rid of excuses like time, equipment, space, money or know-how. Join 50 thousand other surfers doing their workout whenever and wherever they want.

• See fast results you will feel in the ocean with the most advanced digital personal trainer and effective surf-specific workouts.

• Learn how to do the movements correctly with the detailed explanation and demo videos.

• We follow a holistic approach to fitness and self-development. We combine fitness, mobility & stretching, mindfulness, breath-work, expert knowledge, and motivation to help you perfect your training and build a strong foundation for life-long positive change.

The free version of the app contains Free Surf Training Workouts, bodyweight and mobility workouts, Stretch Routines, Technique Tutorials, Breath Training, and a community of thousands of surfers all aimed at improved surfing. If you want to set yourself up for long-term success with the guidance of a surf-specific program, every step of the way, you can use the Surf Strength Coach program.


• Feel the Results in the Ocean.
• Progress to Dynamic Surf-Specific Training.
• Enhance Your Surfing & Unlock Your Potential
• Learn stretches, exercises, and movements that you can use for the rest of your surfing-life.
• Set your goals, stay accountable, and make positive changes.
• Train anytime, anywhere.
• Track your fitness data in the Google Health app.

Contact us with any questions at or follow @SurfStrengthCoach on social media for daily surf training inspiration.


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